Truedan,true love
Truedan’s core values: service, quality, attitude

Our values have never changed. We insist on making the best product, providing the friendliest service, and cherishing every customer on our way to creating a trustworthy brand.

In the next 10 to 20 years, Truedan will continue to accompany you into the future with our most authentic and loving craftsmanship.


Truedan’s most popular and signature tea is the brown sugar flavoured fresh milk with pearls. This drink is a classic and the milky flavour is perfectly balanced with the sweet and satisfying pearls. There are also many different types of teas that can be created without milk. The honey chrysanthemum drink is a tasty drink that incorporates the sweet flavour of honey with the mild taste of chrysanthemum. All drinks can be made cold with varying levels of ice and sugar, while most can also be made into warm or hot drinks.

Truedan also believes that all drinks should be personalised which is why people can choose various toppings to go inside their drinks. People can choose to add coconut jelly, grass jelly or aiyu to give their drinks extra texture and flavours. They can also choose to add in red beans, pearls or sea-salted cheese foam if they are looking to enhance the flavour of their chosen drinks.

At Truedan we believe that the heart and soul of our business is encapsulated by the signature pearls we provide our customers with. Our pearls are made out of tapioca and are boiled to perfection in brown sugar to create sweet and chewy pearls we serve to our customers. The soul of a business is supposed to be what keeps it running and thriving and we believe that this is what our pearls do. Their uniqueness and vast popularity with our customers meant that we were able to open up stores in ideal locations where we have a positive and supportive customer base.

Ultimately, our pearls are the reason why we have been able to move out of just selling drinks during night markets and begin to sell them out of shops whereby we can open daily. They are sweet and warm which is how we want people to feel when they come into our shop and interact with our staff. Essentially, our pearls are the ultimate representation of what we believe our businesses soul is.


Truedan has many stores across the world and is situated in many different countries. We have acquired a large number of loyal customers who are in love with the quality drinks and service we are able to provide. Our staff are constantly making our signature drinks fresh for our customers to ensure that the quality of the drink is great and will be satisfactory for the customer.

Our drinks are classic and have our customers coming back over and over again. The care and consideration the staff put in when making the drinks make them very enjoyable and adds to the incredible atmosphere within our shops. Furthermore, our staff approach their jobs with care and compassion which ultimately flows into their work when they are creating delicious drinks for everyone.