Melbourne Launch

Experience in Truedan


Truedan aims to provide our customers with the best experience possible both when they are inside our store and when they are consuming their drinks. People come to Truedan to experience our unique signature drinks and interact with our fun and friendly staff. Many of our customers have said that Truedan has exceeded their expectations with our customer service and that our staff are helpful and considerate towards them. Our signature drinks are incredibly popular, and some reviewers have said that we have the best pearls in Melbourne because of their ‘soft and sweet composition’.


Here at Truedan we believe that delivering the best possible service to our customers is incredibly important. This is why we offer our drinks menu in both Mandarin and English and our staff all speak both of the languages. This means that we can be more inclusive to our customers who come from different backgrounds and provide them with the best service we can. Furthermore, our friendly staff are always happy to give our customers recommendations on their drinks and what sugar and ice levels would best suit their tastes. This ensures that all our customers receive a personalised drink that they can enjoy.

At Truedan we believe that our drinks and pearls are at a very high quality and we maintain that high quality throughout the day by continuously making the drinks fresh when a customer orders them. Furthermore, our pearls are made fresh every two hours to ensure that the texture is still chewy and stringy, and each batch is quality controlled so that all pearls are a perfect 0.85cm.

All unique key ingredients are sourced directly from Taiwan and every single gram of black sugar we use in our drinks is handmade and strictly controlled by Truedan’s black sugar factory back in Taiwan. All other ingredients are sourced locally in Australia and are also of a high quality.


At Truedan we undertake all of our work with a positive and dedicated attitude. We put a lot of effort in ensuring the quality of our drinks and the service that our customers receive. We believe that having this consistent attitude throughout all of our stores is important to demonstrate to our customers that we wish to provide them with long term good quality drinks.